One of the fastest web service servers in the world. Monarch is an open-source, high-performance, scalable, REST-based, native JSON web services architecture best suited for sites that rely on thousands of web service calls per minute.


The PaySwarm web platform is an open standard that enables universal payments on the Web. The technology empowers web browsers and web devices to execute micro-payments and perform copyright-aware, peer-to-peer digital media distribution.

Semantic Web

Digital Bazaar is heavily involved in cutting-edge Semantic Web research and development. We hold leadership positions in a number of standards-making communities dedicated to achieving Web-scale machine-learning in our lifetimes.


Empowering musicians, cinematographers, journalists, and artists by providing an innovative new distribution model for digital content. Bitmunk is our flagship music web service, demonstrating the power of PaySwarm P2P.

At the intersection of Art and Technology

We are a champion for creators of art and knowledge. Digital Bazaar, Inc. develops technology and services to enable individuals and businesses to more easily buy and sell digital content via the Internet. Music, television, movies, research data and publishing are a few of the industries that we are helping to make the transition to Web-based business models.

Web Payments

An open, patent and royalty-free standard for web payments will remove the need to enter banking and credit card details across all websites. We are leading the charge for universal payments with a set of Web technologies called PaySwarm.

Content Distribution

We empower musicians, movie makers, journalists and artists to make a living by selling content directly via their websites. Bitmunk is our flagship website demonstrating the power of collaborative content distribution.

Research and Development

Being on the bleeding edge requires us to design and build a number of next generation Web technologies. When possible, we release these technologies as open source software. We have designed and built an ultra-high-performance web server and services processor called Monarch. An in-browser Javascript-based implementation of the Transaction Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which is used to secure web traffic between your web browser and web servers, called Forge. We have also released all of the underlying code necessary to white-label a PaySwarm P2P client.

Digital Bazaar is also heavily involved in the latest Web research and development standards groups including XHTML+RDFa, HTML5+RDFa, Semantic Web, OpenID Connect, WebID and the Connected Media Experience.