The PaySwarm web platform is an open standard that enables web browsers and web devices to perform micropayments and copyright-aware, peer-to-peer digital media distribution.

The Purpose of PaySwarm

PaySwarm enables people that create digital content to distribute it through the Web and receive payment directly from their fans and customers. It is also designed to help fans and customers distribute digital content on behalf of the content creators in a way that is both legal and financially beneficial to the creators, fans and customers. The technology is designed to be integrated directly into web devices, finally making legal digital content distribution a first-class citizen on the web.

An Open Web Platform

An open web platform is a combination of technology that is patent-free, royalty-free, published in a free specification, using well-defined protocols and other open technologies. The combination of open technology to accomplish a particular set of related tasks on the web defines an “open web platform”. PaySwarm is an open web platform.


PaySwarm enables universal payments as macro-payments and micro-payments. We also don’t want to bother a customer to reach for their wallet every time they need to spend a couple of cents, or even a couple of dollars. Specifically, PaySwarm allows royalties to be divvied in increments of up to 1/10,000th of a cent to many content creators at the same time. PaySwarm does all of this while ensuring that the person paying stays in full control of the process by setting spending limits on a per-page, per-website and a per-day basis.

Patent and Royalty-free

Anyone. The entire PaySwarm standard is implementable on a patent and royalty-free basis, just like HTTP, HTML 4.01 and Javascript. This means that anybody may implement any part of the system without worrying about technology licensing fees or patent suits from any of the participating companies. The goal is to eventually make PaySwarm an official W3C or IETF standard, which means that it will enjoy widespread acceptance among many large companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Apple.

Where can I learn more about PaySwarm?

You can learn a great deal more about PaySwarm on the community website.


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