PaySwarming Goes Open Source

In December 2009 we released Monarch, an ultra-fast web application server framework, as an open source project. This month, we’re releasing a reference implementation of the PaySwarm web platform. That’s right, we’re releasing the Bitmunk Personal Edition source code!

The software that we are releasing today enables the people that create digital content to distribute it through the Web and receive payment directly from their fans and customers. It is also designed to help fans and customers distribute digital content on behalf of the content creators in a way that is both legal and financially beneficial to the creators, fans and customers. The technology is designed to be integrated directly into web browsers and web devices, finally making legal digital content distribution a first-class citizen on the web.

This source code is the same software that is used in our Bitmunk Personal Edition software and will enable developers to quickly get up-to-speed and write software to buy and sell digital content and perform swarming downloads via a web browser. Here is a brief overview of the capabilities of the source code that we are releasing today:

  • Full implementation of the PaySwarm P2P client.
  • Firefox plugin to launch and manage the P2P client.
  • Complete end-to-end encryption via TLS.
  • Verifiable identity and digital signature support via DSA and RSA.
  • Web-browser based UI to purchase digital content on the P2P network.
  • Web-browser based UI to sell digital content on the P2P network.
  • Swarming download and upload support.
  • UPnP firewall and gateway device auto-configuration support.
  • Upload and download rate control.

Bitmunk is written in C++ and can be compiled for and runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X 10.4+, and many flavors of Linux. It integrates nicely with the Firefox web browser and can also run in a GUI-less stand-alone mode.

Like the Monarch project, we are using the github community to host the source code, wiki, bug tracker and other aspects of the open source project. If you would like to view the source code to Bitmunk, you can do so on the Bitmunk project page on Github.


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