Bitmunk 3.2.1: Video and Data Sales

Bitmunk 3.2.1 was released this weekend, which included several bug fixes and the basis of two new really cool features.

While we were polishing the Bitmunk 3.2 release, we spent the time to make Firefox integration a bit cleaner:

  • We now support Firefox 3.6.
  • Only one tab is created for the Bitmunk Personal Edition software. That tab is focused whenever you purchase anything via Bitmunk
  • Firefox will now auto-discover the page that you use to control your Bitmunk software.
  • The interface has been made a bit more responsive.

We also fixed a potential man-in-the-middle attack when peers on the network communicate among one another. If the attack were successful, a rogue peer could view what you are buying or the prices you are paying for a particular item. There was never any danger of monetary loss or forgery of digital contracts, as we depend on an individual’s signature key to verify that financial transfers and contracts are authorized by the buyer. That said, we’re committed to being transparent, fixing security issues, and releasing security updates as soon as humanly possible.

We have also added support for PeerBuying and PeerSelling video and general data. While this post won’t go into the details of these features, as we are still working on getting this support integrated into the website, know that the features are coming. This means that while we have traditionally only supported audio and video sales, we are expanding into general data sales. The new file types include 3D models, research data, multimedia files and any basically any type of file that you can store on a computer.

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