The Looming Cloud Computing Bubble

The number of stories in the online media about Cloud Computing has increased sharply over the last six months. There is a great deal of excitement around this new buzz word, but what is it all about?

The following graph is from Google Trends and shows the average news volume between the term “Cloud Computing” (in blue), and “Web 2.0” (in red):

Google Trends Analysis of Cloud Computing vs. Web 2.0

As you can see, the Cloud Computing news reference volume overtook Web 2.0 this month, which means that we’re well on our way to another technology bubble. The speed at which this bubble will grow is not known, but one thing is for certain – the media and the IT darlings have latched onto something that they are intent on hyping.

If the IT industry is not careful, we may end up over-promising and under-delivering on the latest tech industry promise of always-on, data-in-the-cloud, always-available computing services. Or worse yet, forgetting about vendor lock-in and forgetting why data portability is such a good thing.

You know those people that can spend an hour saying almost nothing at all? Well, that’s Cloud Computing. It has a good chance of doing just as much harm as good, much like what we went through during the early 90s vendor lock-in and the late 90s dot-com bust.

Read on to find out why Cloud Computing is mostly hot air…


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