Bitmunk 3.1: Website Launch

The Bitmunk 3.1 website quietly launched on Wednesday 8pm EST. This release comes six months after the Bitmunk 3.0 release and went a great deal more smoothly than the 3.0 release. The only major hang-up was an issue with IPv6 and DNS AAAA records, both of which we have disabled for the time being. We will bring the IPv6 side of our service back online when we have the time to work on the issue. Apologies for the handful of people that were hitting our website via IPv6.

This release contains fairly minor updates and bug fixes to the Bitmunk front-end website. WebBuy still looks the same as it did, but the entire back-end has been swapped out. The majority of the updates concern back-end web service updates, database updates and new P2P web services in preparation for the Bitmunk 3.1 peer-to-peer Firefox 3 plug-in release in the coming months.


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