Admitting that Javascript was a Mistake

A replacement for Javascript

The browser manufacturers should get out of the business of writing programming languages and defer the development of a web language to those that have the resources to focus on it full-time. The Python community would be a good candidate. For starters, Python would solve the following Javascript issues:

  • Python is procedural and is demonstrably good at controlling graphical user interfaces and document models.
  • Python is capable of running as a multi-threaded app or running as an event-driven program.
  • Python has fairly poor debugger support, but at least it has a few and includes language hooks to create your own debugger.
  • Python complains when something goes wrong, and is very good at telling you what went wrong.
  • Python is small, efficient and very embeddable – the interpreter is 1.2MB.
  • Python is very modular. A core set of the standard python libraries could be included at no development cost to the browser manufacturers. Additional browser-based libraries could be standardized and released independent of browser releases.

The real mistake in choosing Javascript was…


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