Bitmunk 3.0 Website Launches

The New Bitmunk 3.0 Technology

The new Bitmunk 3.0 technology allows us to integrate more tightly with web browsers, online tools and communities. It helps developers adopt our technology with more ease. The Bitmunk 1.0 and 2.0 technology was written in Java, which is difficult to use and also would not integrate cleanly into web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Songbird.

The new Bitmunk 3.0 technology has been re-written from the ground-up in C++. Here are just some of the advantages that have been gleaned so far with the new software:

Speed and Environmentally Sound Design

The new Bitmunk 3.0 software is at least 60 times faster than the old Bitmunk 2.0 software. This means that sales happen faster, encoding and decoding happens faster, and that we need 60 times less hardware to support Bitmunk 3.0 than we did to support Bitmunk 2.0. In the end, this not only has a positive impact on everybody that uses our technology, but it also has a direct positive impact on the environment. When you can replace 60 computers with 1 computer, your power requirements go down, which means that far less CO2 is being released into the atmosphere. By making Bitmunk 3.0 faster, we’ve not only helped make everybody’s experience with Bitmunk better, but we’re also helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Integration with Web Browsers

We have been working with the World Wide Web Consortium on a new technology called RDFa. This technology is going to help identify music, television, movies and electronic books on websites, blogs and social networking sites such that computers can immediately recognize the content. When computers can recognize content, it becomes easier for them to help you find more information about what you’re browsing, including the best price to acquire a legal copy of what you are reading about.

In general, to integrate with web browsers, you need to write your software in one of two languages – Javascript or C/C++. Since the Bitmunk 2.0 software was written in Java, we could not integrate with web browsers very easily. Now that we have re-written the software in C++, we can start integrating peer-to-peer buying and selling functionality into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and a number of other applications like Miro, and Songbird.

Open Webservice API

What good is all of this technology if nobody can use it? That is a question that drives us to open up as much of our system as possible. We have a new web-based API that is designed to provide secure transmission of registration, financial transactions, digital content transfer and payment. It is called the Bitmunk Transfer Protocol (BTP). It is a very simple, HTTP REST based system that uses JSON to encode data being transfered. This means that many services will be able to integrate with our system with relative ease. The API is open and free for anybody to use, we will be documenting the API throughout the coming months.

Bitmunk 3.0 will bring a great amount of functionality to other applications and websites…


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