Bitmunk 3.0 Website Launches

Constant Improvement

When we launched Bitmunk over 4 years ago, one of our goals was to re-define the way content was distributed online. When buying digital content via the Internet, you typically go to a web store front and purchase your content directly from that site. While we support doing this on Bitmunk, our true goal is to decentralize and monetize content distribution. We call it collaborative content distribution.

This means that a content producer should be able to sell their content regardless of where the content resides on the Internet. It also means that customers of that content should be able to help the original producer of the content redistribute it and be rewarded for doing so in a financial way. We strive to make it possible for content producers to sell their content directly through a web browser, across any site that mentions their name or one of their creations.

Imagine going to your favorite blog, reading about a song, movie or book and immediately having the option of purchasing and viewing a High-Definition, DRM-free version of that content through your browser, television or any other digital content device that you own. Once you have that content, you can also re-distribute it legally and by doing so, make a profit.

The first three years were spent getting content ready and proving the concept to content producers. The next three years will focus on integrating tools to enable collaborative content distribution into every major web browser and into many online tools and communities.

To do this, we needed a new software architecture…


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