Starfish: Massive Storage for Everybody

We have always had a very big data storage problem. Our storage facility is eventually going to have to hold every minutely popular song, album, television show, movie, piece of software, video game, book and any other authorized piece of digital content that the world has to offer.

That is hundreds of thousands of terabytes of information by the year 2015. To give you an idea of how big ONE terabyte is, think of a music collection containing 125,000 high quality songs in MP3 format – or, to put things in a different perspective that is around 12,000 CDs. To say we have a storage problem is an understatement. We outsourced the problem for a while, but we saw the dark clouds looming on the horizon. If we didn’t create a truly scalable solution in the next several years, we would be toast.

So, how did we solve our problem and what does it mean to you…


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