Over One Million Songs Available on Bitmunk

In the past three years, many small and large companies tried to make a dent in the digital content distribution world. Some flamed out, others lost their way, and some are barely still breathing. Bitmunk was started with the vision that musicians, labels, distributors and fans could all work together to make digital music distribution a collaborative act.

Three years have gone by and there are now over one million DRM-free songs available for preview and purchase on Bitmunk! We owe a large amount of this success to the many people that have used Bitmunk and told their friends about us. Without you, it would have been impossible to convince our current set of record labels to release even more of their stuff DRM-free. Without you, we wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Most importantly, without you, these artists wouldn’t be creating the music that you love.

This is the start of a much bigger movement in the music industry. We’re currently working on deals with larger record labels for DRM-free content – they are considering DRM-free because you have proven that Bitmunk makes sense.

So, a huge thank you to our current set of music fans that are doing the right thing! Providing a living to over 60,000 artists and helping them distribute their content means a great deal to them and to us. We’ll be announcing even more content in the coming weeks. Action speaks louder than words, and it looks like the labels are listening to you.


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