Starfish Distributed Filesystem Launched

Starfish is a clustered file storage system that keeps very large amounts of data safe and accessible – even in the face of massive hard drive and storage node failures. More specifically, Starfish is a highly-available, fully decentralized, clustered storage file system. It provides a distributed POSIX-compliant storage device that can be mounted like any other drive under Linux or Mac OS X. The resulting fault-tolerant storage network can store files and directories, like a normal file system – but unlike a normal file system, it can handle multiple catastrophic disk and machine failures.

The storage network automatically provides file mirroring, disaster recovery, and high-availability in the event of multiple storage or metadata node failures. Like the starfish, this file system can be damaged severely, continue to function, and regrow itself over time.

There is much more information on the official website including software packages, HOWTOs, FAQs and source code:

Official Starfish Website


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