Bitmunk Launches World’s First Open Music Recommendation Service

There are several websites that already do this out there, Pandora being the most well known for recommending new artists and albums. The problem is that once you find a new artist that you like, it’s not very easy to find the best place to purchase an album from that artist.

This is where the Bitmunk Open Music Recommendation Service shines. Using the Bitmunk album recommendation web page on the Bitmunk website, all you need to do is enter the name of a major label artist that you like. Bitmunk figures out which indies sound like that artist and recommends a number of hot up-and-coming acts that you might also like. By clicking on each album, you can find out how much it would take to legally purchase the album. Most of the digital CDs can be purchased for around $7… which is pretty awesome compared to what a CD costs in stores these days.

We also provide a web developer API for the Bitmunk Open Music Recommendation Service. The cost? Free. That’s right – it is the world’s first openly accessible music recommendation service. Anybody can use the service, hassle-free and with no strings attached, for their personal or business website. So give it a try or put it into your website and let us know if you like it. We definitely think you will.


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