Bitmunk Blazes Path in Film and TV

If you love great films, television and shorts like we do – you’ll love what we’re doing with the Bitmunk video service. Imagine having access to a library that contains every movie and television show ever made. You search for what you want and you can get it from our website, or any one of the hundreds of people that are sharing the movie over the Internet. All transactions on the network are legal, so there’s no guilt or danger of illegally downloading content. We even put a watermark on the file that you buy to verify that you have acquired that file legally.

Its a great deal for not only fans of video, but creators of film as well. With Bitmunk video, any up and coming director, cooking show host, video blogger or production studio can place their content for purchase and super-distribution on the Bitmunk network. The content creator keeps all their rights, gets to set their royalty prices, media descriptions, licensing options, and streaming options, to name a few. All of the power is placed in the content creator and the re-seller’s hands.

Speaking of re-sellers (that’s you). If you love what you get on the network, you can make money by being a re-distribution source for the films and TV that you enjoy. This is why we made Bitmunk – to help you tell your friends why you love something and to help them get a much better price on films and movies based on your recommendation. In short – if your friends buy from you, they can get a better deal and faster access, than if they were to go to a huge store in person.

So, what’s showing currently on Bitmunk Film and Television…


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