The First Open Source P2P Digital Content Transaction Platform in History

The Biotic Potential of Bitmunk

Our goal has always been to turn the Bitmunk Transaction Platform into an open standard for digital transactions. Getting it to the point that we can release it as open source is only the first step – the rest of it is the hard part. We must support the community as much as possible with integration and expansion. We must get more and more content onto the network, thus increasing the overall value of the network to all involved.

We expect to see sites like the following starting to pop up over the next five to ten years as a result of collaborative content distribution:

  • Niche music, movie and television sites, owned by artists, that sell content directly to their community members.
  • Digital content supported open source projects. The content mainly being video tutorials and development documentation and presentations on the finer aspects of using the open source technology.
  • The freedom of choice between advertising supported digital content and commercial-free digital content. One could even choose to have one, and only one, ad at the beginning to subsidize the cost of what you are buying – the choice is left to the buyer.
  • Custom Internet-based television stations catering to very specific audiences – for example, the cricketers channel, snowboarding, equestrain events as well as the major TV stations. Ad-supported, or not. A-la-carte or subscription.
  • Bloggers that write about and sell digital content directly from their blog.

There are many permutations to the above scenarios – all of them made possible via the Bitmunk Transaction Platform. We will be concentrating on music, television and movies over the next several months – however, if you want to support a particular type of digital content, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it integrated with the system and technology.

Enough with the jibba jabba – let’s see some source code


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