The First Open Source P2P Digital Content Transaction Platform in History

The Bitmunk Transaction Platform

There are several open source e-commerce packages out there, but the Bitmunk Transaction Platform brings two new concepts into the mix. The first is collaborative content distribution and the second is the content itself.

With regards to the first, there is an essay on collaborative content distribution in an earlier blog post, so I won’t go into detail here. As a society, we can be far more efficient with content distribution. The increase in efficiency in the USA alone is to the tune of $84 billion dollars – simply by having more distribution sources. Ideal distribution sources are the same people that are currently enjoying the digital content, they are the general public. The system should also be obligated to reimburse those distributors and not free-load on their bandwidth. Unfortunately, free-loading is what most of the current systems are designed to do. Reimbursement should be in the form of cash – not credits, not fake money – real currency.

The second is content – a digital content service is only as powerful as the catalog of digital work that it contains. At the moment, digital content online is paltry in comparison to network television, physical music boutiques and movie rental stores. This is changing, however, and the digital content is going into the hands of the few – Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Napster 2.0 and others. What is needed is a platform that gives you the content along with the technology – which is exactly what the Bitmunk Transaction Platform does. When you use the software, you have the right to sell any of the almost one million songs currently on the network. Television and movie support is not far behind. All this in a nice open source package.

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