The First Open Source P2P Digital Content Transaction Platform in History

To build and launch the first copyright-respecting P2P Digital Content Transaction Platforms in the world is no small feat. We are here because of the extraordinary efforts of volunteers that donate their time to open source software. Linux, Apache, Python, PHP, MySQL, and Lustre are just a few of the open source technologies that we have utilized to build Bitmunk. Each of us believe in open source and its ability to build great technology and community, so it is with great exuberance that we are donating the lions share of our source code and systems into the open source community.

We believe in the democratization of digital content – empowering individuals and corporations to choose the terms that best suit them. Want to watch free Internet-based TV shows with commercials? Want to buy the show directly from the artist without commercials? What about getting your music legally and at a 15% discount from a friend instead of from a large corporation? Maybe negotiating with a music record label – you’ll buy 5 of their albums if they give you 25% off of each one? All these scenarios are possible with the Bitmunk Transaction Platform. This is what we’re open sourcing – the source code and technology to democratize how we buy and sell content. We call it collaborative content distribution.

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