Bitmunk acquires over 800,000 songs – 63,000 artists

Bitmunk achieved a very important milestone today, with over 800,000 DRM-free songs on our network, we continue to be the largest legal DRM-free peer-to-peer network in the world. Over 63,000 artists have signed up with Bitmunk so far – we pay each artist almost ten times as much as a typical large record label – can you blame them for showing us some love?

There is much more on the way as well – we are expanding into movies and television in the next couple of months. Our engineers are very busy building out capacity to store hundreds of DRM-free movies and television shows.

Things are going great – more content means that there is a much greater chance that somebody on the Bitmunk network is selling something that you want. Or better yet, somebody out there wants to buy something that you have via Bitmunk. Track us via RSS, much more to come…


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