Bitmunk Beta Released!

It’s been a very long year. We started this enterprise not really knowing if what we wanted to do was technically feasible. Creating a peer-to-peer network where nobody knew one another, yet there was money exchanging hands for digital goods. We have had more than our share of venture capitalists shaking their heads and saying it couldn’t be done – Napster and Kazaa have burned a great deal of people. The music, and movie industries are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is with great pleasure that we release Bitmunk Beta. Our solution to this whole media distribution via peer-to-peer quagmire. It ensures that artists and publishers get paid. Furthermore, it brings one entity that has always been ignored into the mix – the customer. With Bitmunk, not only do artists and publishers share in the profits, but so do customers. Bitmunk empowers regular people to re-distribute digital content on the artist and publisher’s behalf. This ensures that the artist always gets paid. It also ensures that the customer gets paid for providing their bandwidth and selling digital content for the artist. Everybody gets a fair cut of the sale, which means everybody is happy.
Give it a shot: Download Bitmunk

Here is the press release: Bitmunk Beta Press Release


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